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Slaves to modernization

Slaves to modernization

Welcome to my site!
Here I’ll write about things from my own personal experience and point of view, if it’s restaurant recommendation or review, travel recommendation or just thoughts and fun stuff (and more to come!).
Now a little bit more about me.
My name is Adam, I’m originally from Israel, but I had moved to Beijing for work about a year ago.
I’m loving it here! I love China in general (most of the time) and I love living in Beijing – which is a fascinating city!
Feels like there’s so much to learn here, besides the language which is extremely difficult and interesting, there’s a lot to learn about the Chinese culture and the very special mind set.
This is my first blog and my first big project.
I will learn and try to improve my writing / editing skills on the fly:)
Important for me to say – I’m no expert, nor trying to be one, just sharing things as I see and experience.

If you have any comments / questions please feel free to contact me, and you can always stay tuned on my Facebook page.



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