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Have you been to India yet? Have you wondering what it’s like?

Taken in Goa

Taken in Goa

Well, first of all, it’s amazing:) it’s a lot of fun and a beautiful place– I warmly recommend visiting! But, in the meanwhile – you can have a small taste of India right here in Beijing, literally. There is a good Indian restaurant that serves authentic food, properly made and fair prices. The décor is not ‘really’ 100% Indian, because if you will travel in India and not go to fancy restaurants you will not always sit on a proper chair, but that’s beside the point, the point is the food – and the food is good. Indian food usually varies from area to area, but in Indian kitchen you will find the famous dishes from all over – if it’s ‘aloo gobi’ (potatoes and cauliflower) from the north, or ‘daal vada’ (kind of fried ground lentil pakora) from the south.

Mutton soup - my favorite

Mutton soup – my favorite

Let the feast begin – when we set down the waiter first gave us a plate full of tasty crispy chips, that they have made, and a 2 kind of sauces – I couldn’t put my finger on what they are made of. For starters we had very good mutton soup (my favorite), excellent chicken masala (full dish, 3 people), and some good vegetarian samosa’s. For main dishes, we took aloo gobi, black dal, garlic naan and paratha (the latter are kinds of bread). For drinks we took a very interesting 14% alcohol black beer – I’m not sure where it is from, but it’s definitely worth a try..!

Very tasy - I will check what is the name and update

Very tasy – I will check what is the name and update

For dessert we took something which is called Kulfi – it came on a watermelon bedding, and the dessert itself was a kind of ice-cream with nuts inside – awesome! I’ll defiantly take it again.

Some pictures from the restaurant.

Indian kitchen review


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Here is the location of the restaurant (if you are located in China you need VPN to see the location pin):

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