Desert Rose restaurant – review

We wanted to try something new, so we went to Yabaolu (雅宝路/yǎbǎolù – Russian area in Beijing) which is very beautiful and got a lot of nice restaurants in it, mostly Russian / Middle eastern.

We tried a Turkish one – called Desert Rose, which is a traditional Turkish cuisine, and even have Halal (Muslim slaughter method).

For starters we ordered hummus (so so) with traditional puffy Turkish bread and 2 soups.
We took the mutton soup which was pretty good and the lentil soup which was also good.
For main course we took Salmon skewers, that came with some fresh vegetables and a nice lemon sauce.
The other main course was a lamb shish kebab, with French fries and half a tomato.
The problem was with the second – the meat tasted like it was made in advance, cooled off and heated in the microwave, and the french fries were pretty dry.
I didn’t eat it and we tried to talk to the manager, tell him about the dish, but he said that it’s fresh and that’s it… he didn’t offer to change the dish or anything.

Even though I didn’t like the way the manager acted, and I will not go there again myself, I can say:
Bottom line, if you get to the area, you can check it out, have a nice soup, and don’t miss out on the excellent bread!
But I would refrain from the meat – my own personal opinion..
**Sorry for the lack of photos, but since it was not too good, I didn’t take any.

Desert rose review


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The address is:
39 Shenlu Street, Building 1, 1-07

By the way, it’s recommended to go checkout Yabaolu area anyway – it’s really cool, beautiful, and you can fell a little bit like you are in Russia, in the middle of China:)

Here’s a map with the location (if you are in China you will need VPN to see the location pin).

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