Beijing food guide – part B

When arriving to China, sometimes you expect a certain Chinese food, which
is basically the westernized style – which is totally different.

There is a very big variety of food and restaurants in Beijing, if it’s street food
(See part A) or restaurants.
In this part I will try to give you some recommendations for nice restaurants – Mostly Chinese – but even some more westernized ones.

Now – when it comes to Chinese food, the variety is so big because every place has its own dishes, flavors and spices.
So even if you eat broccoli, which is pretty simple – it will taste differently, depending on where you are.
Beijing restaurants, even if it’s non local dishes – they still use local spices so the
**although in Beijing they made the dishes more domesticated (to Beijing taste).

The first one will be my absolute favorite..!
It’s called “Harabin” and the location is to be kept a secret! (You can email me for directions:) ).
They serve Harbin food but Beijing style – and the most important thing – they are a real hard core Chinese restaurant – you can only imagine.
Here are the dishes they serve (that I had and liked):
1. They have excellent gongbao jiding, which is made out of: small chicken cubes, peanuts, potatoes and shallot onions.
2. Broccoli – fried stirred with garlic and some oyster oil (and MSG).
3. Fried cabbage with rice noodles and Cichuan peppers.
4. Very nice sweet sour pork.
5. Good vegetarian dumplings (I love their shrimp ones).
6. Very good eggplant and potatoes
7. According to fish eating friends – their small fried fish are very tasty!

Purple dumplings - so good!

Purple dumplings – so good!

The second restaurant will be the dumpling restaurant in maizidien area.
Very good dumpling place! All are handmade and are very fresh.
Make sure that when you go there – you don’t wander around too much with the dishes because then you will take less dumplings:)


Fried beans and spring rolls

Fried beans and spring rolls

They have (in general):

Purple(!!!) dumplings with some vegetables and shredded pork – it’s one of my most favorites dishes in China!
They also have very good stirred fried eggplant, decent gongbao jiding, nice broccoli etc etc – but if you do go there – stick to their dumplings – which are amazing..!

The third place is not exactly how you might imagine Chinese restaurant, but they are very unique and they have very good food!
The restaurant is called “Lost heaven” and it’s actually lost!
I have been to this restaurant in Beijing and in Shanghai, and it’s very hard to find it, but for you it’ll be easier – here is their website.

Tappenyaki chef in action

Tappenyaki chef in action

The forth one will be a Tappenyaki place – which is actually not Chinese – it’s Japanese, but since it’s in China and it’s very nice – why not?
The tappenyaki place is actually on the same street as the dumplings, just 200 meters to the east.
It’s a all you can eat kind of place – you pay 198RMB and you can order what you want and as much as you want.
They have very nice meat, very good sashimi and in general they have good food and the atmosphere is nice as well (the cook is cooking before you on hot plates).
I should also mention that it’s all you can drink.

The fifth place will be a very small place.
It’s actually a very Chinese place – so be aware.
It’s on street, at the east side of the street, opposite to a big shopping place.
They have a bunch of vegetables you can chose from (and some doubtable meat) – you chose what you want and they cook it all together in boiled water – then they put gravy on it and serve you.
very tasty – recommended to eat in winter time.

Western food (most can be found in Sanlitun area):

I will not detail too much, just give you the list of restaurants with addresses.
1. “Annie’s” – Italian restaurant chain – Not expensive at all and the food is excellent! to see their menu / locations, click here.
2. “Blue frog” – all kinds of food, not bad – they have 1+1 on burgers on Mondays – for locations and reviews, click here.
3. “Must burger” – good hamburgers and good fries – they have a variety of sauces for the fires, very nice ones – for location, click here.
4.”Lugas” –  Mexican food – not bad at all! but they have some Vietnamese food as well – stay away from the soups;) – for location / menu, click here.
5. “Element fresh” – very good “healthy” food, excellent salads for the ones who travelled long and miss fresh vegetables (not fried / boiled). A little expensive – for menu and locations, click here.

Beijing food is very tasty and got a very big variety..! try to set aside what you think about Chinese food and eat as much as you can.
I’m sure that the food will surprise you, one way or the other;)

If anyone who reads this have more tips – please feel free to comment and share with us all!

Have fun and בתאבון (beteavon, Hebrew word which means -eat with appetite).

Adam Disatnik

I have been living in China since early 2013 in the great Beijing. I try to travel as much as I can and try to understand the culture and the habits as much as possible. It's amazing how much can be learned about China, and about life, while living abroad in a totally different country than the one you grew up in. I love it! Catch up on my blog to try and understand along with me:) Adam.

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