Bargain. Because it’s expected – Yashow market, Beijing.

For some people , a trip to China must include local markets.
If you will go to Sanlitun area for example – Yashow market, you will see a whole lot of people walking around with black bags – Yashow’s trade mark.
Now, don’t be fooled by the prejudice – China’s big cities are not cheap at all, even the market – unless you barain and most modern stores are very very expensive (Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc).
For example, if you will to the market to buy a pair of fake Beats earphones – they will most likely ask somewhere around RMB1500 – which is around USD240, as I said, not cheap (and they might even ask for more).
The same earphones, if you’ll bargain, will be somewhere around RMB150 or 200 – USD30 or less – quite a difference wouldn’t you say?

The sellers are expecting you to bargain, and I believe they start off with a high price to give themselves a better odds of getting more money.

It’s very important to do some research before getting to the market, to get a sense of what the prices are.
You can do that by standing by the relevant booth and listening to other people’s bargaining and what prices the sellers are giving them.
You should have a threshold – be careful not to insult the sellers or get them angry, that is not good and will make both of you feel unhappy.

A tip from me – once you are in a booth and want to buy something, set your mind on a reasonable price and deduct 15%.
Then the seller will ask how much you’re willing to give – say that price, and bargain your way up by 15 – 20 %, and do it nicely.
I like to say “this is my price, I want you to be happy and myself to be happy, if you don’t agree – that’s fine, I will not buy” and then show them the price – usually it works, and after a short conversation they agree.

Do everything with a smile on your face:)

A small guide:
Basement floor – mostly shoes, belts, some bags, suitcases, wallets, gloves etc.
Floor 1, 2 & 3 (entrance floor) – mostly “designer clothes” and some sunglasses, and general things (gifts etc).
On the 3rd floor there’s also a nice tailor store – with a variety of fabrics and good prices.
Floor 4 – some jewelry, electronics, tea and a beauty salon – in case you want your eyebrows trimmed or a nice foot massage.
**Here‘s a map for the market – you can know where you are going.

Have a good shopping day!
**Important to say – there are cheap markets in China, but usually foreigners don’t go there.

Here’s a map for you to find the market: (if you are located in China you will need VPN to view the location pin).

Adam Disatnik

I have been living in China since early 2013 in the great Beijing. I try to travel as much as I can and try to understand the culture and the habits as much as possible. It's amazing how much can be learned about China, and about life, while living abroad in a totally different country than the one you grew up in. I love it! Catch up on my blog to try and understand along with me:) Adam.

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