How to not get ripped off while taking a taxi in China!

Taking a taxi? very convenient no doubt.
But beware, if you are new here, some drivers have a way of ripping you off..!
The method: you give them RMB100 bill, and they will complain that
the bill is not a good and return it to you.
Now – without you noticing they switched the bill with a fake one.
If you are lucky the driver will stop there and will rip you off “only” by 100, but they can continue.

GFSo when you’re paying the driver – make sure he doesn’t change the bills!
If you see he does, try the following:
1. Take a picture of his driver card (see picture) – usually taped to the dashboard on the passenger seat.
2. Try to say Jǐngchá Which means police in Chinese.
Personally I’ve only heard of it, never happened to me, but I heard it quite a lot.
Still – not all drivers do that!:)

Have a fun trip!

Adam Disatnik

I have been living in China since early 2013 in the great Beijing. I try to travel as much as I can and try to understand the culture and the habits as much as possible. It's amazing how much can be learned about China, and about life, while living abroad in a totally different country than the one you grew up in. I love it! Catch up on my blog to try and understand along with me:) Adam.

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