Morning phase – album review

As soon as I heard Beck is releasing a new album I’ve pre-ordered it on Itunes.
That what happens when someone you love to listen to is releasing a new album (finally).

The thing with this album is – it’s a direct continuity from the excellent “Sea Changes”, which on the one hand – it’s like a kick to the stomach (in a good way), and on the other hand it’s a little meh, let’s start with the kick though.
The best way to listen to this album, is to wait for the winter, lay under the blanket with eyes closed and just let everything soak in, and enjoy..!
It’s good, very good, but again, it feels a little bit like he released new tracks of Sea Changes, for me at least.
The only difference is that Beck wrote Sea Changes after a hard breakup, with a lot of emotions, and that’s where the “kick” came from.
In this one I’m not sure where the kick is coming from and though it also have a sad tone to it – it feels a little different, you’ll need to listen to it and hear for yourself:)
But still, I have that small feeling of meh.
When an artist I like releases a new album – I can’t wait to sit and listen to it for the first time, and in this case I liked it and disliked it at the same time.
For example when Pearl Jam released “Lightning Bolt” – it was different, and that is what you expect.

Non the less – if you like Beck – you should definitely check it out!
Available on Itunes.

My rating:

Adam Disatnik

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