Going live! wahoo!

I guess it’s time.
I can’t leave you here protected and safe for good.
Time for you to go out there, experience new things and be reviewed by others – time for go live!

Dear blog, or maybe I can even call you a website now, as you are more than just my own thoughts written down, you grew to something a little bigger, a little more mature…
Today I’m releasing you to the world, you’ll be subjected to other people’s comments, you’ll be reviewed and judged and you’ll be appreciated and loved.
Just remember to keep an open mind and your spirit high!

And to you dear readers and reviewers I say – I have spent a long time on this website, reading, writing and rewriting, designing and redesigning and then designing some more.
Today I reveal my work to you.
If you are already here, I will appreciate if you’ll give it a read, and of course feel free to leave a comment so I would know what needs to get better and and if you have general thoughts about the posts or the site itself.

Have fun and nice exploring!:)



אכתוב גם בעברית – בקצרה, כמו שאנחנו הישראלים יודעים..
בזמן האחרון אני עובד על הבלוג הזה, למרות שזה כבר לא ממש בלוג, כי יש בו יותר, אבל נקרא לו בלוג.
השקעתי המון זמן בלכתוב, ואז לשכתב, לתכנן וליישם ואז להרוס הכל ולבנות מחדש.
אם כבר הגעתם לכאן – אשמח אם תשאירו איזו תגובה בונה, או סתם דעה על מה שכתבתי:)
מקווה שתהנו לקרוא כמו שנהניתי לכתוב!


Adam Disatnik

I have been living in China since early 2013 in the great Beijing. I try to travel as much as I can and try to understand the culture and the habits as much as possible. It's amazing how much can be learned about China, and about life, while living abroad in a totally different country than the one you grew up in. I love it! Catch up on my blog to try and understand along with me:) Adam.

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