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About a month ago I got a recommendation from my girlfriend to read “A story about a real man” by Boris Polevoi.
Now – at first I was a little skeptical I admit, and even after starting to read it I was not sure how far will I go.

Book cover

Book cover

But what can I say? the book just took me in and eased me into the story about Alexey Maresyev, a truly magnificent man and a true hero.
I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can say that this is a true story – and an unbelievable one.
This man had the mental strength of Hercules and an amazing will power.
In a nutshell – he was a fighter pilot fighting for the Russian army in ww2, and he was shot down.
Then he went through hell until he found “civilization” again.
After being treated by good people in a temporary village in the forest, he found himself in an hospital with a few interesting people – and there he found out a lot about himself (something major happened to him while in the hospital).
Then he fought and fought to become a pilot again, and all of that while he is helping friends, worrying for his mom which is in the thick of war and his sweetheart who is fighting her own fight.

I recommend you to go through this journey with him, get some nice perspective of things.

You can find the book on Amazon – click here.

My rating:

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