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A little about the Chinese culture as I see and experience it

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The safekeeping lion

Did you see the lions outside of your neighborhood Chinese restaurant? Not long ago, those lions were exclusive for the elite – if it’s the imperial family, leaders, government high ranking or plain rich people....

A cold Harbin beer! 2


  Chinese drinking culture can be divided into 2 categories. The first is custom business drinking, which is very important, and the other is recreational drinking. In this post I will write about the business side of drinking,...

Smoking 1

It’s smokin’!

Sometimes I feel like Chinese people and cigarette goes hand in hand (or cigarette in hand). The amount of people who smokes in China is unbelievingly high! According to online research I have done, there are around 350...

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How come Asians are slimmer? (usually)

Did you ever wonder how come most Asians you see are skinny(ier)? If you will walk down the street in most Asian countries, you are not likely to meet too many “heavy” people. Why...

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Spring festival 2014 – Beijing

  SPRING FESTIVAL – OR AS WE (I) 外国人 (FOREINGERS) CALL IT – THE BIG BOOM VACATION! Why the big boom some might ask? it goes like this: Imagine going out for a nice dinner,...