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7 eye cycling

If you are riding a bicycle in China, beware – grow 5 more eyes and keep them all wide open at all times! This will be a little wearying I guess, but it’s important...

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Bicycle store in Beijing

If you’re new in town and are an enthusiastic cyclist – this is a post for you..! When I first arrive to Beijing I didn’t have bicycle and it was very frustrating for me –...

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Emergency contact – cycling

Are you riding a bicycle? Are you running long distance? I have a tip for you. Think about the following scenario – you are riding / running on a nice Saturday, out on the...

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Riding in Beijing

Riding is one of my favorite sports. It’s healthy both for the body and for the mind (and soul). There’s not many things I like more than to ride in a peaceful quiet place...

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Road cycling

  Road cycling – one of my favorite leisure time activities. The sound of the thin wheel’s contact with the road is almost minimal and the only noise left is the one of the...