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Yuan Ming Yuan park Beijing (YMY)

Parks – so many of those in China, and most of them are super nice..! We went to YMY park on a sunny Sunday – the weather played in our favor and it was truly a...

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To be a king in China

Coming to travel in China soon? Now is your time to prepare yourself and become a king. No no, I don’t mean a king in the way you think. Not a king because China...

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Are you travelling?

    Here you have a small travelers tip: In this website you can find a lot of guest houses / hotels all over the world. Very convenient website – and very reliable reviews.  

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Long weekend at Taipei

Taipei. In one word – Yes! Very recommended, a very cool place! Day 1: I have landed in Taipei on Friday noon, and pondered if to take a taxi or a bus downtown. Eventually...

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Weekend at Harbin ice festival

I have heard so much about Harbin ice festival – that it was in my head that at around February I need to go check it out. So indeed when February came – we...